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  • | Sam Rowlands

    By day, Client Services Director at Manchester creative agency, Delineo. By night/weekends, outdoors rule. Climb, bike, tri, surf.

    Works for @delineo

  • | David Prior

    Digital marketing at Delineo. Unsociably tall retired journalist, social media bore, MBA, over-competitive golfer and dad to Charlie and Ava.

    Works for @delineo

  • | Lauren Jackson

    Snr Accnt Manager@delineo, love my job,Manchester & music ALOT.Keen festival & gig go-er. Reluctant domestic goddess.Interested in ads, photos & marketing stuff

    Works for @delineo

  • | Jason Riahi

    Lefty, creatively inclined, client wooer. Schooled at Liverpool Uni, account exec at ad agency @delineo Manchester. I know nothing of jQuery!

    Works for @delineo

  • | Martin Malone

    Works for @delineo

  • | Natalie Flackett

    Token Brummie & Snr Act Mgr at Delineo. Loves the bright lights of Vegas & being aunty natnat to my godson. Refinding my inner mermaid. ‘Keep calm & carry on’…

    Works for @delineo

  • | Philip Monks

    Favorite animal is a raccoon. Partial to a bit of rum and raisin ice cream, whatever the season. Creative copywriter for the lovely people at Delineo Manchester

    Works for @delineo

  • | Phil Morgan

    Head of Search @delineo, Scouser, Evertonian

    Works for @delineo

  • | Tom Mason

    Social media manager @delineo. Creator of @330words. Lover of coffee. Any views are my own, but you can borrow them if you ask nicely.

    Works for @delineo

  • | Sean Holcroft

    Code Club Volunteer and STEM Ambassador. EPiServer and Umbraco Developer.

    Works for @delineo